Machining Technology Certificate

This curriculum is designed to prepare the student for that highly diversified area engaged in the production of machined objects required for the assembly of the products of modern industry. Upon completing this program students will be prepared to work as a machinist, tool maker, die maker, lathe machinist, or CNC machinist. Students planning to continue with an associate’s degree should consult with an MCC counselor.

CAD 150 – Blueprint Reading 3
MET 101 – Industrial Materials 3
MT 101B – Machining-Basic 4
MT 102A – Intermediate Machining 3
MT 103A – Advanced Machining 3
MT 150 – Machinery Handbook 3
MT 205A – NC/CNC (Computer Numerical Control) 3
MT 206A – 2-D CAD/CAM Computer-Aided Design/Machining 3
Choose One (1) Course From:

MATH 141 – Precalculus
TMAT 102A Technical Math II
TMAT 201 Technical Math III

Total 28-30 CR. HRS.

Source: MCC 2023-24 Catalog