Mechatronics Certificate

This certificate program provides students with the foundation skills necessary to pursue a career in STEM. This program is designed to give students exposure to a variety of careers including; Mechanical Engineer, Electrical Engineer, Manufacturing Engineer, Electrician, Automation Technician, CAD/CNC, Electronics Technician, Machinist, Industrial Maintenance, and Materials Technology. Students will learn basic engineering skills required to apply mathematics to solve problems, as well as hands-on skills necessary to begin a career in skilled trades. Upon completing this program students will have the skills necessary to go to work as a technician, begin a career in skills trades as an apprentice, and/or continue their education toward an Associate’s Degree or Bachelor’s Degree. This program is offered for full-time and part-time, day or night, as well as early college and dual enrollment students.

CAD 110 3
Intro to Computer-Aided Drafting (2D)
CAD 210 3
Parametric Design I Part Modeling
ELTC 101AL&L 4
Electricity- Basic
ENGR 105 4
Introduction to Engineering
HE 110 1
Industrial Safety and Workplace Training
TECH 201 3
Introduction to Mechatronics
Choose One (1) Course from: 3-4
Intermediate Algebra
Technical Math II
MATH 111
Algebra with Coordinate Geometry (Recommended for Transfers)
Electives must be chosen from the following list or have departmental approval.
AMT 129 3
Introduction to Technology
CAD 100 3
Introduction to Drafting
GRD 120 3
Introduction to Graphic Design
HP 101 3
MATH 111 4
Algebra with Coordinate Geometry
MATH 112 4
Trigonometric Functions with Coordinate Geometry
MATH 161 4
Calculus I
MET 101 3
Industrial Materials
MT 101A 3
Basic Machining
W 101 3
Basic Welding
TOTALS 24-26

Source: MCC 2018-19 Catalog

Documents for this certificate have been submitted to the Department of Education. At the time this catalog was printed this certificate had not been approved for federal financial aid funding. The approval process may take several months. Please check with MCC’s Financial Aid Office or Counseling and Advising Center for current information regarding this certificate’s eligibility for federal financial aid funding.