Patternmakers Certificate

This curriculum is designed to prepare the student for entry level work as a foundry patternmaker. Students will apply CAD, CNC, machining, and woodworking skills to create molds used in casting metal foundries. Upon completing this program students will be prepared to work as a foundry patternmaker, model maker, or foundry technician. Students planning to continue with an associate’s degree should consult with an MCC counselor.

Source: MCC 2022-23 Catalog

CAD 110 3
Introduction to Computer-Aided Drafting (2D)
CAD 150 3
Blueprint Reading
MT 101B 4
Basic Machining
MT 205A 3
NC/CNC (Numerical Control/Computer Numerical Control)
MT 206A 3
2-D CAD/CAM Computer-Aided Design/Machining
MT 216 3
3-D CAD/CAM Computer-Aided Design/Machining
MET 102 3
Basic Cast Metals
Choose One (1) Course from: 3
CAD 210 Parametric Design I Part Modeling
CAD 250 Introduction to Solidworks 3D
Choose One (1) Course from: 3
MT 218 5-Axis CNC & CMM
MT 222 Machining Capstone
Choose One (1) Course from: 3-4
Technical Math II
TMAT 201
Technical Math III
Intermediate Algebra
MATH 111
Algebra with Coordinate Geometry (Recommended for Transfer)
TOTAL 31-32