Support Services

Muskegon Community College strives to reduce the impact of a disability on a student’s opportunity to learn by providing accommodations to eligible students. Accommodations available are based on the individual student’s need. Accommodations include, but are not limited to, the following:

Testing Accommodations – Extended test times and reduced distraction testing environment.

Alternative Format Textbooks– Various formats of textbook and print enlargement. Includes electronic textbook that can be listened to and/or read.

Scribes – Scribes are available to assist with tests for students who do not have use of their dominant hand or for students with visual impairments.

Note taker – Note taker services to students who are unable to take their own notes.

Permission to Record Lectures

Language Support for Limited English Proficiency – Peer tutoring or professional instructional persons are available to individuals whose native language is other than English and skill level is deficient.

Assistance for the Deaf or Hard of Hearing – Sign language interpreting

Priority Registration – Students can register one week earlier for the best class selection to meet their needs

Temporary Accommodations – Time-limited assistance for students in need of temporary services (Pregnancy, broken bone, etc…)