Early College Newaygo County

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Earn your diploma and a college degree in just three years!

Early College Newaygo County (ECNC) is a program that allows selected students to extend high school by one year in order to earn both their diploma and up to 62 college credits from Muskegon Community College (MCC) at no cost to the student.

Students receive special support to help improve their academic performance as they complete both high school and college coursework and secure their future education and career-related goals. College costs including registration and technology fees, textbooks, and materials needed to complete the courses of study are covered. Transportation to various MCC sites are the student’s responsibility, however if bus transportation is available from the school during grades 11 and 12 they may be used by the student.

  • Degree earned by extending high school graduation by one year
  • Students receive support services throughout their Early College experience
  • Enjoy high school activities as well as high school extracurricular activities
  • Enjoy college intramural teams and club sports as well as other college educational activities
  • Free tutoring services available at college
  • Complete your diploma and FREE college degree


Selection Process

Phase I

MCC Application

ECNC Application

Letters of recommendation


Complete MCC Ready to Succeed assessment

Phase II

Interview with the Student’s Family

Interview with the Student

10th GRADE

Students apply during their 10th grade year.  Accepted students will attend a 2-3 day orientation program at the Newaygo County RESA campus.

11th GRADE
  • Begin program with half day at high school and complete up to 12-15 credits (including summer)
  • Attend College Success Seminar
  • Receive support services by attending meetings at one of the MCC Newaygo satellite sites
  • Dean and Mentor will be available for individual needs
  • Complete up to three college hours in the summer or may elect to take between grades 12 and 13
12th GRADE
  • Attend high school at least two hours
  • Complete 22 college hours
  • Receive support services by attending meetings at the NC RESA Fremont campus
  • Dean and Mentor will be available for individual needs
  • Complete three college hours in the summer if not completed in summer before grade 12
13th GRADE
  • Complete at a minimum 24 college credits by maintaining at least 12 credits each semester
  • Enroll in at least one math or math-related class, depending on local school district policy
  • Enroll in at least one course that earns high school credit during each semester
  • Dean and Mentor will be available for individual needs

For more information, interested high school students should contact their high school counselors.   


Melissa Miller
4747 W. 48th St., Fremont, MI 49412
(231) 924-8857

Val Shelby Val Shelby
Dean, Early College
(231) 777-0217
Jamar Ragland
Mentor, Early College
(231) 777-0476