Education: On the Job Experience

Fieldwork is an important key to linking academic theory to your career objectives.

The  Education Fieldwork at Muskegon Community College is an academic program in which classroom study is combined with career-related work experience.  Students who participate must meet the eligibility requirements determined by faculty within their chosen discipline of study.

A capstone fieldwork experience is completed at the end of the student’s course of study and involves extensive classroom planning and implementation. This course must be pre-approved by the Education Coordinator prior to enrollment. If you are a student inquiring about an practicum, please contact the Education Program Coordinator at 231.777.0397 or email

All Education courses  require proof of 25 hours of fieldwork.  A physical, a TB test, and central registry clearance form must be submitted to the fieldwork site supervisor in order to meet state licensing guidelines. In Addison many school districts will require fingerprints prior to a practicum placement.

All students completing fieldwork need to know state licensing rules.  They shall not be present in a child care center if he/she has been convicted of either of the following:

1. Child abuse or child neglect.

2. Any felony conviction involving harm or threatened harm that is more recent than 10 years will preclude anyone from working with children. 

3. Shall provide the child care center with  documentation from the Department of Human Services (Central Registry Clearance Form).

4. That he/she has not been named in a central registry case as the perpetrator of child abuse or child neglect before having contact with a child in care.  Michigan Licensing rules state that an attempt or conviction of any crime, felony, or misdemeanor is a lack of good moral character.  Pre-service teachers shouldn’t have any offenses evidencing lack of good moral character.