Guidelines for English Courses

MCC offers two options for beginning your college writing requirements:

  1. RDG090 + ENG101: This pair of classes is your chance to complete college-level ENG101 with the support of RDG090. You’ll take both classes in the same semester with the same instructor and the same classmates. In RDG090, you’ll develop the reading, organizing, and editing skills required of the challenging research and writing assignments you’re working on in ENG101.
  2. ENG101 (alone): In this course, you will develop the abilities to read critically, to think logically, to discuss intelligently, and primarily to write effectively using exposition, argumentation, and research.

Which option is right for you? The advice in this link — Guided Self-Placement for English — will help you choose the right course for your success!

Visit Simple Syllabus to learn what a typical semester of ENG 101 or RDG 090 looks like!