Grand Valley State University

MCC Campus Location: Room 1106, Stevenson Center for Higher Education, 231.777.0505

MCC has partnered with GVSU for many years to develop programs which enable the student to easily transfer into a baccalaureate degree program. We can help you get started by providing assistance with degree planning, credit transfer, and enrollment procedures. For more information, call 231-777-0505 or visit our office in the Stevenson Center for Higher Education on the MCC campus

The Muskegon Leadership Degree
This four year degree program is designed for students who are interested in the leadership pathways of business, nonprofit, human services, and pre law.

Muskegon Community College and Grand Valley State University have collaborated to provide a degree completion program at one convenient location. Both institutions offer courses at the Stevenson Center for Higher Education on the campus of Muskegon Community College.

Please stop in Grand Valley’s Muskegon Regional Office to learn more about class selection and degree programs.