Conduct Research as an Undergraduate Student

Student Research“Most undergraduate research that’s conducted by students in their undergraduate years is done usually during their junior and senior year at a four-year institution,” said MCC Instructor Darren Mattone. “MCC is unique I think in that we are starting students very early on in their college career doing research, starting with a question, researching the question, developing a hypothesis, and actually carrying out and researching that on their own. This isn’t a canned lab activity. They are actually defining the problem that they want to investigate and designing the experiment to actually collect the data.”

MCC’s new Science Center, which opened in Fall 2015, enhances those unique opportunities.

“This new facility has a dedicated space for research projects or honor projects,” explained Mattone. “This is going to expand the opportunities that students are going to be able to participate in, whether it’s inquiry-based course offerings or additional reach classes or higher level classes.”

“We have some really outstanding facilities, including not only our teaching labs for microbiology and biology and anatomy and physiology, but a really nice undergraduate research area, added MCC Instructor Shawn Macauley. “This is something that is very unusual at a community college. A place where students will have meaningful research projects that they can come and participate in for the two years while they are here. And that’s going to really put those students ahead of the curve when it comes to their transferring to four year schools and later on when they’re looking at graduate programs.”

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