Institutional Technology and Research

The Director of Data and Analytics is responsible for working with the Office of Institutional Research and Grants and the Office of Information Technology to regularly report data across the institution.

MCC is committed fostering a strong culture of evidence where we make informed, data-driven decisions.  In support of that commitment, we set the framework for data-informed decision making and ensure the use of disaggregated data to identify achievement gaps, develop appropriate interventions, and evaluate the effectiveness of those interventions.

We strive for complete transparency of data within the college community, regularly communicating to faculty and staff the availability of data and what the data means to them.

Institutional Research and Grants Reports

View reports from the Office of Institutional Research and Grants at

Useful Data Reports

View our monthly Useful Data reports below:

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June 2017 – Summer Summary
May 2017 – Commencement Edition
March 2017 – Seat Time and Screen Time: Course Delivery at MCC
February 2017 – Early College

 Jon B Meeuwenberg J.B. Meeuwenberg
Director of Data and Analytics
(231) 777-0486