Belize Field Studies


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Evin Rodkey, Ph.D., Social Sciences Instructor


Past Courses in Mayan Civilization and Rainforest Ecology

Hiking trail towards Ben’s Bluff view point in Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary, Stann Creek, Belize
MCC offered ICS 101 BEL / BIOL 101 BEL as an interdisciplinary travel-study course providing students with an introduction to international culture and biology through cultural and biological field studies. This hybrid course contained online and on-campus components and included a seven-day visit to Belize. Emphasis was placed on Mayan culture and the tropical rain forests of Belize. The students studied Mayan culture and history as well as Mayan past and current interaction with the rain forest ecosystem.

This course covered classification of organisms, basic ecological principles, experimental design, field sampling techniques and scientific communication. Specific biology topics emphasized varied from year to year. The course also involved working with local Belizeans, giving MCC students the opportunity to meet people from diverse backgrounds.

This course is no longer being offered.