Live from Germany

Stuttgart Schlossplatz

Stuttgart Schlossplatz



MCC students and staff, who are participating in an exchange program with sister college, Kaufmännische Schule Stuttgart-Nord (KSN) in Stuttgart, Germany, arrived there on June 8, 2016 for a 12-day visit. The exchange has built lasting friendships and offered insights into our different cultures and business practices for over 18 years. The MCC contingent will be filing daily reports. Check back here for updates on their many experiences.




Tuesday, June 7, 2016

The first day of the German Exchange was successful with a road trip to Chicago and a long flight to Berlin. As we moved into day 2 the students were able to sleep on the overnight flight.  After arriving in Berlin, Germany it was a quick hop to Munich.

Wednesday, June 8, 2016Munich

Day 2 was a shell shock for the group as they transitioned into a new time zone. They made it to midafternoon and topped off the day with tour of Munich and local churches, visits to the open market, and a transitional German meal at the Hofbrauhaus.  The late evening brought a long walk back while enjoying the local street vendors. And as in years past the day would not be complete without ice cream!


Thursday, June 9, 2016

The American eggsDachau, bacon and cereal was traded out for an international breakfast that impressed the students before a trip to the concentration camp. Dachau was a somber visit during light rain which reflected on the effects that it has on all citizens of the world. The afternoon was spent visiting Aldi and a tour of the central city.







Friday, June 10, 2016

The group started the day with a tour of Marianplatz viewing the Glockenspiel and the Viktualienmarket. Well known for their fresh produce this well known beer garden is the location of the colorful Maypole in the center. A traditional German lunch that lasted more then two hours in the bright open patio was topped off by the student’s and teacher’s favorite ice cream.

The afternoon  four hour bike tour took them through the history of Germany and historical landmarks, including the Opera House, Resident, Third Reich, legislative offices, Odenplatz, National Theater, Maximillianstrasse, St. Michael’s church, English Gardens,  and Chinese Tower. The students saw history come alive!





Saturday – Sunday

The students traveled by train from Munich to Stuggart and arrived to spend the weekend with their host families enjoying traditional German customs.



Monday, June 13

During a morning welcome breakfast the students presented to two German classes a presentation about American cultural practices. In the afternoon they were given an extensive tour of the Porsche plant and showroom.



Tuesday, June 14

The students visited the Black Forest and hot springs in southern Germany. They were given an extensive tour and history lesson of the regions by a local historian and mayor of the town. After the tram ride to the top of the trees they hiked through the trees to a large 8 story structure in the middle of the Forrest.


Wednesday, June 15

A stroll along the inner workings of Stuggart including the Art Museum, City Hall and the Konigstrasse. The afternoon was spent with an extensive tour of the Audi manufacturing plant and showroom.

shoppingAudi factory

Thursday, June 16

Off to hike the Alps in Austria!



Friday, June 17


The finals days of the German exchange program were spent visiting the Ritter Sport factory, a local mill and a monestary. The evening was topped with a farewell dinner with all of the students and hosts.

Country group Ritter Sport

Saturday, June 18

Before their return to Michigan the students spent the day with their host families visiting local castles and a day trip to France.