Tropical Coral Reef Ecology in Nevis

Coral Reef in NevisMuskegon Community College’s Life Sciences Department and Math/Physical Science Department are offering a three-credit course – Biology/Geology 250: Tropical Coral Reef Ecology – this summer from June 3-11, 2017 on the Caribbean island of Nevis.

Limited to 10 students, the course offers students a chance to study the biology, geology, and ecology of the tropical coral reef ecosystems in the West Indies. Specifically, the course explores the local, regional, and global threats, including the world’s third global bleaching event, faced by the reefs.

The MCC team will explore a coral reef ecosystem using monitoring methodologies developed by the Reef Check program. In addition, students will be introduced to the history and culture of the island. They will participate in a variety of hands-on field activities, including ecosystem mapping, biodiversity surveys, field identification labs, and medicinal plant applications.

The eight-day course will allow you to:

Click here to view the daily reports from Nevis that were posted during the 2016 class by the MCC students and faculty.

  • be part of the effort to monitor the health of the reefs around St. Kitts and Nevis, West Indies
  • contribute real-world data to the effort of saving the Earth’s coral reefs
  • become a certified EcoDiver through the Reef Check program, which will allow you to collect data from reefs around the world and submit the data to the Reef Check organization
  • explore a rain forest and learn about medicinal plants
  • learn about sea turtle conservation; and
  • experience the food, music and culture of a Caribbean island.

NevisDivers by Coral Reef in West IndiesSCUBA certification is NOT required for participation in this course as survey activities can be conducted at snorkeling depth and require terrestrial data collection. MCC will be offering a SCUBA certification course in the spring. Open water dive assessment will be conducted during the trip. Please see the summer schedule of courses for additional information.

The course fee of $2,600 covers airfare, lodging, meals, transportation, local guide fees, and rental of snorkeling and/or SCUBA gear. Fees will be included in your winter tuition bill. A valid US passport is required. Tuition is NOT included in this fee.

Given the limited course size, those students interested in the course should contact one of the following MCC instructors as soon as possible: 

Coral reef Darren Mattone
(231) 777-0398

Amber Kumpf
(231) 777-0463