Biology/Geology 250 FAQs

Do I get my own room in Nevis?
No you will be rooming with another student from the class of the same gender. Students usually figure out who they want to room with by the time the winter BIOL/GEO 250 lecture is completed.

 How can I get my own room?
For an additional cost (paying in cash/check to the college) we can assign you your own room.

 Can the course fees be paid with student loans?
There should not be any restrictions for using student loans as the fees get billed to your college account. Check with financial aid to be sure. When this course was started we were told that loans will work.

Can the faculty references be from any MCC professor or does it have to be a science faculty member?
Any faculty reference is fine.

How soon do we have to have our passport?
You need your passport before we leave. Check with your local post office for an estimate of usual processing times.

How does dive certification/training work?
The cost of dive lessons are included in the course fee. We work with a really great dive shop in Grand Rapids (Moby’s Dive Shop) and arrange lessons through them. If you want to take lessons elsewhere or if you are already certified, we can refund you the costs of the lessons that are part of the course fee ($400).

Does any medical insurance count, or does it have to have coverage out of the United States?
Any medical insurance is fine, but you should find out how your insurance works outside of the US in case you need treatment for something. We do arrange travel insurance for each student that has some catastrophic coverage. You can check the CDC’s website and talk with your primary care physician about any health concerns:

How does the course function while in Nevis? Is it all day school activities, or is there down time?
We complete 2 dives per day, either in the morning or afternoon. While we have some other activities planned, like the rainforest hike, there is also some down time to relax, lay on the beach, or spend time lymin’.

Is food included for everyday?
Food is included. You get breakfast, lunch, and dinner and non-alcoholic beverages. Any snacks or drinks not included, etc. are extra. We do make a few trips to a local grocery so you have an opportunity to buy snacks, but you would need to pay for those on your own. You can bring your own snacks with you from home, but check with U.S. customs to know what kinds of items are restricted.

Are there any pre-reqs before you can enter the class?
No pre-reqs, just the application and maybe an interview.