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Intro to Photography + Intro to Photo Processing (GIMP)

Intro to Game Development – Building 3D Assets

Art Camps (All day sessions – Saturdays)

TinkerCAD Design + 3D Printing 

Engineers and designers use CAD software to design everything around us. TinkerCAD will get you to learn the basics of 3D CAD design in a very easy-to-use interface. Join us at the fab lab for this class where we will design a project and then the projects will be 3D printed. Note: you will have to come back another day for your project, 3D printing takes time

Design a Laser Cut Keychain 

Lasers are a quick way to create customized objects or prototyping designs. In this class we will design custom keychains that you can put on your key ring or backpack and make all your friends/family jealous of your cool custom creation!

Sticker Design 101 

Have you ever wanted to create a custom sticker of something you love? Well then this crash course using Adobe Illustrator will get you on your way to bringing that to life! We will go over the basic steps of taking an image and creating a sticker from it! You will go home with your own custom stickers/decals!

Sculptris Design + 3D Printing 

Game designers, animators and special effects artists use software similar to Sculptris to create game and movie characters like Sonic, Zelda and so forth. Join us at the fab lab to learn the basics of Sculptris and create your own character! The projects will then be 3D printed.

Note: you will have to come back another day for your project, 3D printing takes time



Learning, sharing knowledge, and doing are the fundamentals upon which the Lakeshore Fab Lab is built.  We are a community of resources and interested groups.

Members have the opportunity to participate in free or reduced-fee activities, including:

  • Equipment Training – learning how to use some or all of our equipment
  • Software Training – learning the basics in the languages used by professionals including Auto CAD, Corel Draw, and many others.
  • Safety Training – required of all members
  • Special Events/Seminars – held inside the Rooks/Sarnicola Entrepreneurship Institute
  • Projects – holiday or theme-based activities for individuals and families
  • Lakeshore Fab Lab Projects – Like-minded members form a group to create something
  • Club/Organization Meetings and Activities – join and participate
  • “Meet an Expert” Sessions – stuck on an idea? Perhaps our MCC faculty or industry experts can help.