Information Literacy Modules

Welcome! Whether your instructor has required that you complete these modules, you’re seeking guidance on a current research project, or you’re simply curious about information literacy, we hope you’ll find these modules useful. There are six modules; as you work through them, you’ll find learning games for review as well as boxes containing questions to guide your research project. At the end of each module is a quiz to test your understanding on the concepts covered in the module. If you’ve been assigned these modules as a class assignment, make sure you understand how your instructor wants you to keep track of your responses to the “Guiding Your Research” questions and/or the quizzes at the end of the modules. Let’s get started!

In this series of modules, you’ll learn that Information Literacy involves:

  1. Recognizing the need for information.
  2. Understanding the sources of information.
  3. Locating information.
  4. Evaluating information.
  5. Using information ethically.
  6. Using information effectively.

The following six modules may be used to learn the concepts of Information Literacy and to become “Information Literate”.



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