How MLA and APA Can Help You Avoid Plagiarism

Information Literacy Module V: Preparing to Use Information Ethically

MLA, APA, and other documentation styles can help you take notes responsibly. As you summarize, paraphrase, and quote your sources in your notes, make sure you keep track of where you found each piece of information. Document each source with a bibliography or works cited entry; then, keep track of the page number where you find the information you summarize, quote, or paraphrase from each source. It’s important to know that summaries and paraphrases (not just quotations) must be documented. Even when the wording is your own, the ideas belong to your source, so cite and document ideas carefully in your notes so that you can use them ethically in your writing.

Guiding Your Research
 Follow the instructions above as you gather information from your sources.


 For helpful hints about note-taking, visit Module VI “Preparing to Use Information Effectively.”


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