Take Inventory of Your Evidence

Information Literacy Module VI: Preparing to Use Information Effectively

Now that you’ve organized your research evidence as proof for the main idea and supporting points in your outline or storyboard, decide how thoroughly and effectively your notes will help you prove your main idea and supporting points. Although there aren’t any strict rules about how much information is enough, the general suggestion is that you have three pieces of evidence for each supporting point. If you see that any of your points do not have enough researched evidence or that they lack a variety of evidence (expert opinion, examples, and facts/statistics), conduct more research until you fill the holes and feel ready to put together whatever assignment you’ve been researching for, whether it’s a paper, a presentation, or some other exercise.

Guiding Your Research
Once you organized your research notes, were you able to provide at least three pieces of researched evidence for each supporting point in your outline or storyboard? Do your research notes reflect a variety of types of evidence (expert opinion, examples/stories, facts/statistics) as well as a variety of forms (summaries, paraphrases, and quotations)? Answer these questions honestly, and continue researching and note taking if you need to.


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