Computer Usage – Guests

College guests must adhere to the Standards for Acceptable Computer Use that governs the use of MCC computers.

Guest passes to use computers in the library are issued at the Circulation Desk.  To receive a guest pass, area visitors must apply for and receive a library card.  Special consideration may be made for those from out-of-state.

Please remember that the MCC computers are primarily for academic use only. Those not doing academic research and assignments may be asked to give up their computer for a student having legitimate academic and research needs

Effective August 3, 2009:

Guest passes are issued all day on Friday and weekends when open, but only after 2pm on Monday through Thursday.  The passes are valid for up to one hour and the computer will time out after a guest’s allotted hour has been used.  Passes will not be issued 10 minutes prior to closing.  Guests logging in within one hour or less of library closing time must log out at closing time and may not remain past closing.   A guest may receive only one pass per day.

Guests may have to wait if there is not a designated guest computer available.

The library reserves the right to stop the issuance of all guest passes during heavy usage periods such as term paper rush, midterm and final exams, and class orientations. During these times, it might be advisable to call the library reference desk (231-777-0326) to be sure that guest passes are being issued that day.