Computer Usage- MCC Students

Standards for Acceptable Computer Use at Muskegon Community College

Muskegon Community College (MCC) would like to promote the free exchange of ideas for learning, teaching and research through the use of our technology including the Internet, personal computers, local networks, specialized hardware and software applications. Computers on campus are intended for enrolled college students. Permission may be granted to adult college visitors.

Acting in ways that are mutually respectful of others are good foundations for responsible, legal and ethical uses of our technology. In addition, you should consider your actions with respect to the following Standards of Acceptable Computer Use when using MCC’s technological resources:

• Respecting the personal privacy of others
• Honoring the intellectual property of others
• Following established laws and college policies
• Treating people and equipment around you with care and respect as well as not engaging in any activities that would disrupt others
• Honestly representing yourself and the information you provide others
• Freeing limited technological resources for others to complete their college assignments whenever possible
• Not exposing others to materials which may reasonably be construed as offensive
• Not changing the setup or configuration of software or hardware that does not belong to you

Unacceptable Computer Use at Muskegon Community College

Access to technology at MCC is a privilege that can be withdrawn when an individual abuses it. By logging into a MCC computer you agree to the above Standards of Acceptable Computer Use. An individual can lose MCC computer privileges by committing any of the following transgressions:

1. Unauthorized actions; this would include access to any computer system to modify or view files, passwords, or other data along with damaging or altering software components on any network or database.
2. Illegal actions; this would include making copies of licensed or copyrighted software and data without documented permission.
3. Malicious actions; this would include exposing our wireless network to viruses or other destructive software as well as sending unsolicited email messages, including spam or other advertising material, to individuals who did not specifically request such material, except as approved under the MCC E-Mail Usage Procedures.
4. Disruptive actions; this includes but is not limited to port scanning, IP spoofing, network analysis, network monitoring, running traffic generating applications, installing illegal software or sending offensive electronic communications.
5. Disrespecting others; this would include loud talking, listening to loud music, aggressive behaviors or sending offensive electronic communications.
6. Misrepresenting oneself as another user or sharing passwords with others
7. Displaying or playing text, graphics, audio or video; which may reasonably be construed as offensive to the public.
8. Failing to pay fees or fines assessed by MCC.

Wireless Access to MCC’s Technology

MCC would like to encourage people to use their own technology on our campus. To promote this, we provide wireless access to various computer networks. However, users need to be aware that MCC does not filter wireless access to the Internet and cannot provide secure wireless connections or printing services to those wireless connections. As a result, MCC is not responsible for the loss or damage that may occur, directly or indirectly, to personal equipment and data through the use of our wireless connections. Therefore, parents or guardians are responsible for children brought onto campus.

More information about wireless access is available online with MCC’s Wireless Access policy

MCC Email Usage Procedure

Electronic mail (e-mail) is one of the most used and useful services offered on Muskegon Community College’s computer network. These services are provided for the official business and educational purposes of the College. Access to e-mail by employees is a privilege, and should be treated as such.

More information about Email usage is available online with MCC’s Email Usage Procedures

Enforcement Procedure

Failure to follow Acceptable Standards will result in the removal of authorization (privileges) to use MCC’s computer networks along with associated hardware and software as outlined in the MCC Student Handbook Code of Student Conduct and Sanctions.

Community Members
Failure to follow Acceptable Standards will result in the removal of authorization (privileges) to use MCC’s computer networks.

Reinstatement of Lost Authorization to Use MCC’s Technology

When privileges are withdrawn for violation of this policy and the individual feels that he/she has been unfairly treated in the implementation of this policy, the individual may file an appeal with the Vice President for Student Services as outlined in the MCC Student Handbook section concerning Informal Resolution and the section on Appeal Procedures. The Vice President for Student Services will convene a meeting of the relevant parties. His/her decision will be binding.