Library Mission Statement

The Hendrik Meijer Library of Muskegon Community College provides instructional materials and information services to support the curricula offered by the College and to meet the informational and research needs of students, faculty, staff and administration. The library extends these services to the community and serves as a catalyst in the lifelong learning process for the citizens of Muskegon County and the greater West Michigan area.


  1. To service the educational needs of Muskegon Community College by:
    • Providing information resources for the educational, vocational and technical programs.
    • Employing state-of-the-art technologies and user friendly formats in making these materials and services accessible to students, faculty, staff and the general public.
    • Providing training to students, faculty, staff and the general public in using these state of the art technologies.
    • Teaching basic library and research skills.
    • Providing staffing, budget and adequate facilities conducive to learning.
    • Assisting in preparing our students to be educated citizens.
  2. To make the library’s resources known through inclusion in national databases and in state, regional, local and in-house computer networks.
  3. To serve as a regional academic outlet for interlibrary operations.
  4. To collect and maintain an archival record of the College.
  5. To service the library needs of students enrolled in upper division and graduate programs through the Stevenson Center for Higher Education.
  6. To encourage faculty, staff and the college community to participate in the selection process for materials and services.