Room Renumbering

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why are we renumbering the rooms at MCC?
A. Improving the room numbering system and establishing wayfinding consistency at all locations is one of the goals outlined in MCC’s 2017-2022 Strategic Plan.

Q. What rooms and buildings will be affected by the number changes?
A. Every room number in the main campus building, Science Center, Automotive Building, and Art and Music Building will be involved in the renumbering process. Room numbers in the Bartels-Rode Gymnasium and in the Health and Wellness Center will remain the same.

Q. When will the transition take place?
A. Starting on June 24, 2019,  ASI Signage Innovations of Troy, MI,, the firm awarded the project, will begin installing 962 signs on campus. The work may take several weeks. Other changes taking place include updating room numbers on the MCC website, MyMCC, evacuation maps, etc.

Q. What differences, beyond the new numbers, will students, staff and visitors notice?
A. First, everyone will be impressed by the significant number of directional signs posted at every intersection on every floor. Second, the room numbers will make sense. There will no longer be odd/even wings. The 1000s will run sequentially across the main floor of the main campus, with the 2000s in the same sequence below on the second floor and the 3000s in the same order beneath on the third floor. The 1200s will be located in the new Art and Music Building. The 1300s, 2300s and the 3300s are on the Stevenson Center first, second and third floors, respectively. The 1400s are in the Science Center. The 1500s are located in the Automotive Building. The stairwells are denoted with capital letters, from A-H, on each map.

Q. I have my room number listed on my MCC business cards. How do I get new ones printed?
A. Email your request to Allison Cooper in the Printing Office at

Old Room Number – New Room Number

Click here to view a PDF containing a complete list of the old room numbers and the corresponding new room numbers. (The list is updated as of Aug.1, 2019)

New Campus Maps (PDFs)

Click on a location link below to view that area’s floor plans with new room numbers:

Location Room Numbers
Main Campus – First Floor 1001-1093
Main Campus – Second Floor 2001-2109V
Main Campus – Third Floor 3001-3085B
Art and Music Building 1200-1249
Stevenson Center – First Floor 1300-1367A
Stevenson Center – Second Floor 2300-2324
Stevenson Center – Third Floor 3300-3328
Science Center 1401-1423
Automotive Building 1500-1515