Free Summer Program Offers New College Students Opportunity to Earn Credits, Cash

MCC KickOff

MCC’s Kick Off Program Aims to Offset Pandemic Learning Loss, Support Student Success

Students who complete the Muskegon Community College (MCC) “Kick Off” program this summer can earn $400 cash and three credits towards their degree.Kick Off enrollment is free for any Michigan resident who is planning to start college in the fall.  The five-week program begins on Monday, June 19 and is offered at the main campus or online. 

MCC’s Kick Off is offered through the Academic Catch-Up Program, administered by the Michigan Community College Association. The state-funded program has no age limit but is intended to counteract learning loss among recent high school graduates who experienced interruptions to in-person learning due to the COVID-19 pandemic.   

“Because the mission of our center is to support students how they learn best and create independent learners, we are excited to participate,” explains Hollie Benson, chair of MCC’s College Success Center.  “We are eager to connect with students as they advance in their educational journeys and prepare for fall semester.”   

Kick Off participants earn three credits for completing CSS 100, College Success Seminar.  The course is recommended for students who want to build their confidence or need assistance navigating college. They will connect with campus resources and develop skills that support academic, career, and life success. 

In addition to completing College Success Seminar, students will participate in Math and English workshops where they will refresh their skills and prepare for college-level classes in the fall. 

Students are also provided with breakfast and lunch, transportation assistance, loaner laptops, and school supplies.  

The Academic Catch-Up Program is funded by the State of Michigan through Public Act 144 of 2022, which was approved by Governor Whitmer in July 2022. 

Established to help students realize their full educational potential, MCC’s College Success Center provides courses and educational resources intended to help MCC students improve their study habits as well as their academic skills in math, reading, and writing. To get started in the Kick Off program and learn more about the College Success Center visit or contact Hollie Benson at (231) 777-0331 or 

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