MCC President Joins Midwest Educational Leaders Asked to Share COVID-19 Responses

Dr. Dale K. Nesbary

Dr. Dale K. Nesbary

Muskegon Community College President Dale K. Nesbary was selected to join a panel of higher education leaders from across the Midwest to discuss the response and impact of COVID-19 on educational institutions.

The Chicago Federal Executive Board and the Department of Education Office for Civil Rights are hosting the virtual event on Wednesday, June 2, 2021. Participants include leaders of multiple federal agencies across the Midwest. 

Muskegon Community College was asked to participate due to its extensive applied technology curriculum, engaging programming, and diverse student populations, noted Nesbary.

The other higher education panelists are from the University of Illinois Office of Economic Development and Innovation, Butler University (Indiana), Central State University (Ohio), and the Milwaukee Area Technical College (Wisconsin). 

“Our vision to be an educated, inclusive community has shaped our steps throughout our COVID-19 response,” explained Nesbary. “During the pandemic our students and staff have shown great determination. We continued to prepare our respiratory therapists and nurses in a safe, face-to-face environment necessary to meet this emergency. 

“Our recently opened Health and Wellness Center was built from the ground up and staffed with the highest quality personnel to meet the demands of this time. It has served our community well as a simulation lab, clinical classroom space, and public vaccination site. In the initial weeks of the crisis, when PPE was nearly impossible to get, the advanced manufacturing program produced PPE for those who needed it. It has been all hands on deck.”

The Chicago Federal Executive Board (CFEB) represents over 45,000 federal employees within the greater Chicagoland area, including 43 agencies in 178 offices. Federal executive boards connect federal agencies together for cost savings, efficiencies, collaboration and information sharing so agencies can better serve their customers.

The Office for Civil Rights works to ensure equal access to education and to promote educational excellence through vigorous enforcement of civil rights in our nation’s schools.


Dale K. Nesbary, Ph.D., President, Muskegon Community College, Muskegon, MI, (231) 777-0311, 

Jeannette P. Tamayo, moderator of the panel at the Chicago Federal Executive Board 
Visiting Senior Policy Advisor on Economic Development and Equity, Office of the Vice-President for Economic Development and Innovation, University of Illinois System, Chicago IL (312 )575-7836,