MCC Winter 2020 Creative Writing Contest Winners Announced

The winners in Muskegon Community College’s Winter 2020 Creative Writing Contest, organized by the MCC English and Communications Department and the Muskegon Writers’ Series, have been selected. The top three places in each category are:

First Place: Josie Buckingham – “From Sunrise to Sunset”
Second Place: Keegan Colcleasure – “The Needles Above Us”
Third Place: Stevie Averill – “Blanc”

First Place: Taylor Strand – “The Black Toyota”
Second Place: Michalene Collins – “Sweet Mysteries of Life”
Third Place: Elizabeth Hughes – “What I Wished For”

First Place: Shelby Wright – “Autumn Jay”
Second Place:  Pearl Slayton – “Bled”
Third Place: Morgan Foster – “Skull”

First Place: Anonymous – “Society’s Puppet”
Second Place:  Madison Boone – “Church”
Third Place: Taylor DePouw – “A Reincarnation”

Cash prizes were awarded for first and second place in all categories, while all top three place finishers received a certificate and a copy of the 2020 River Voices publication. For more information on the contest, contact Shauna Hayes at