MCC’s 31st Service Awards Luncheon Recognizes 36 Employees

2017 Service Award recipient Sche Cornelius

The 31st Muskegon Community College Years of Service Luncheon on Jan. 18 recognized MCC employees who in 2016 celebrated a five-year anniversary employment date. Sponsored by the President’s Office, the event in Stevenson Center Room 1200 honored 36 employees who collectively have devoted 435 years of service to the college. Their supervisors were also invited to the luncheon in Room 1200.

The honorees, their years of service at MCC, and their respective offices or departments appear below:

35 Years
Carol Neal – College Success Center
Jean Roberts – Student Services and Registrar

30 Years
Chris Nowak – Allied Health/Respiratory Therapy

20 Years
Sche Cornelius – Testing
Cheryl Hite – Physical Plant
Tim Norris – Arts and Humanities
Jon Truax – Math and Physical Sciences

15 Years
Mary Dyke – Nursing
Lori Haggerty – Human Resources
Greg Marczak – Math and Physical Sciences
Jodie Matuz – Nursing
Toby Moleski – Math and Physical Sciences
Duane Rainbolt – Physical Plant

10 Years
Clinton Crawford – Physical Plant
Willie German – LITC
Paula Halloran – Student Services
Joseph Kennedy – Physical Plant
John Leonard – Physical Plant
George Maniates – Social Sciences
Kathy Pollock – Life Sciences
Judy Stonex – Physical Plant
Allen Thomas – Applied Technology
Calvin Totten – Physical Plant

5 Years
Hollie Benson – College Success Center
Elizabeth Bolen – Math and Physical Sciences
Ed Breitenbach – Academic Affairs
Nicholas Budimir – Social Sciences
Fluarry Jackson – Physical Plant
Jeff Johnston – Applied Technology
Jennifer Jones – Social Sciences
Annette Judd – Human Resources
Elizabeth Kroll – Nursing
Amber Kumpf – Math and Physical Sciences
Tonia Lans – Counseling and Advising
Heidi Romero – Enrollment Services
John Selmon –Student Services and Administration

2017 service award winners from 20 to 35 years

2017 Service Award Recipients: (left to right) Sche Cornelius (20 years), Chris Nowak (30 years), Cheryl Hite (20 years), Jean Roberts (35 years) and Carol Neal (35 years).



2017 service awards winners with 15 years of service

2017 Service Award recipients with 15 years of service: (left to right) Lori haggerty, Greg Marczak, Mary Dyke, Jodie Matuz, Duane Rainbolt and Toby Moleski


2017 service awards winners with 10 years of service

2017 Service Award recipients with 10 years of service: (left to right) George Maniates, Judy Stonex, Paula Halloran, Al Thomas, Willie German and John Leonard.


2017 Service Award recipients with 5 years of service

2017 Service Award recipients with five years of service (left to right) Hollie Benson, Elizabeth Kroll, Annette Judd, Fluarry Jackson, Jennifer Jones, Jeff Johnston, John Selmon and Ed Breitenbach.