Summer Seminar in July Looks at Vietnam from 1947-1975

Vietnam Veterans Memorial

MCC and the USS LST 393 Museum are inviting the public to join us in a hearty discussion and exploration of the U.S. experience in Vietnam from 1947-1975 during two Summer Seminars on Monday evenings, July 11 and July 18.

The seminars are free for students, while adults are asked to make a donation. The events are taking place from 6-7:30 p.m. aboard the USS LST 393 Museum, 560 Mart St., in Muskegon.

On July 11, the discussion will focus on Vietnam between 1947-1964, with topics including French Indochina, the 1954 United Nations Partition, the Domino Theory, U.S. Nation Building, and the 1964 Tonkin Gulf Resolution.

On July 18, the seminar looks at Vietnam from 1964-1975 and touch upon subject matters such as LBJ’s Full War Escalation, Operation Rolling Thunder, the Tet Offensive, the Nixon Doctrine, Cambodia/Laos, the Paris Peace Accords, Peace with Honor, and the Fall of Saigon

For more information, contact: Dan Weikel, USS LST 393 Museum, at (231) 722-4730 or by email: or MCC instructors Kurt Troutman or George Maniates