Progression & Graduation Page


To progress, students in the Muskegon Community College Nursing Program must attain a minimum grade of C+ (2.3) in each Nursing course and a C (2.0) or better in each general education course in each term of the nursing curriculum. All courses must be completed in sequence (see Career Ladder). Students failing to meet this progression requirement will be dismissed.


A student who exits the Program for personal or academic reasons is eligible to apply to a course waitlist within two (2) years of exiting.  An application for course waitlists can be found on the Blackboard Student Nurse Resource site.

Three Course Repeats

A student who repeats any 3 different NUR or AH courses will be required to write a remediation plan that delineates a clear plan for future success and that is acceptable to the Nursing Faculty Admissions and Progressions Committee prior to readmission. A student with 3 or more different NUR or AH course repeats who is not successful during or following the implementation of a faculty approved probationary remediation plan will be ineligible for readmission.

Repetition of a Nursing Course

A student readmitted to the Nursing Program after withdrawal from or failure to achieve a minimum grade of a C+ (2.3) in a Nursing course may repeat the (same) course one time.  Students repeating a course are required to complete all components of the course, including theory, labs, and clinical.  All work submitted by the student must be completed within the current semester. If a passing grade is not attained when the course is repeated, the student will be ineligible for readmission. A withdrawal (W) or a withdrawal illness (WI) in a nursing course counts as one attempt.  Students withdrawing with a withdrawal illness (WI) will need to submit to the MCC Nursing Department official documentation from a physician that indicates the condition requiring the WI has been resolved.


To be eligible for graduation from the Nursing Program, students must meet all of the following requirements:

  1. Complete the nursing curriculum requirements for the diploma/degree desired with a minimum grade point of 2.3 (C+) in each Nursing course and 2.0 (C) or higher in each general education course. (Effective Fall 2009)
  2. Complete not less than 30 or the last 15 credit hours required in the nursing curriculum at Muskegon Community College.
  3. Apply for graduation according to the NUR 141B and NUR 211A course calendars.


This program meets the State of Michigan rules for nursing education programs and prepares graduates to take the National Council Licensing Examination (NCLEX) for practical nurse and/or registered nurse licensure. Graduates who intend on practicing in another state should review that state’s requirements for licensure at