Criminal Background Checks

Federal and State laws require a criminal background check of those assigned to a clinical agency and Michigan licensure will require an FBI fingerprint check. Felonies and some misdemeanor convictions may prevent you from completing the Nursing Program requirements and taking licensure examinations, thus affecting your employment options. Students must have a clear criminal background check to begin the Nursing Program.  Any student who has not resided in Michigan for at least three or more years preceding their participation in the Nursing Program is required to obtain background check based on a national database; the student is responsible for any additional charge. Any student who becomes subject to criminal prosecution while participating in the Nursing Program is required to report such allegations immediately to the Nursing Program Director.

Please check the State of Michigan’s policy in regards to criminal background checks (more information can be found with this link.)  Further interpretation of these Acts can be found with this legal guide.

If you still have questions regarding your eligibility to obtain a license, please request a preliminary determination from LARA.