I Just Registered for an Online Class. Now What?

What to do prior to the start of your online course:

1. Check WebAdvisor to make sure you are registered in the course.
You can access WebAdvisor at the top of this web page or just click on the blue text.  Log in using the same username and password provided to you by the college.  Access your current semester class schedule.

2. Check your MCC email regularly a few weeks prior to the start of classes.
Your instructor may be sending you important information about your online course prior to the start of classes.  Periodically you will want to empty your mailbox (old mail, deleted folder, and junk mail).

3. Check Blackboard (Bb) regularly a week prior to the start of classes.
Some instructors choose to make their Bb course available before the start of classes.  If your course is available, check to see if there is course orientation and start-up information.  Please be aware that a Bb course will not appear when you log in if your instructor has not made it available.  This does not mean you are not registered for the course.  If you are registered through WebAdvisor, you are in the Bb course and will need to wait until your instructor makes the course available.   All Bb courses will be made available on the start date of the course.  Any concerns regarding a course should be emailed to the instructor of the class.  Make sure your mailbox is empty (old mail, deleted folder, and junk mail).

4. Become familiar with Blackboard prior to the start of classes.
Visit Help/Orientation for Blackboard.

5.  What if I forget my username, ID, or password?
 If you do not know your username or Student ID, please click on the blue text to learn how to access this information or call the Central Helpdesk @ 1-866-718-5170. If you changed your password and do not remember or you do not know your password, please visit the password reset page (click on the blue text) for students or call Central Helpdesk @ 1-866-718-5170.

6. What if I have problems with my Email or with Blackboard? Whom should I contact?
Students have a 24/7 Central Helpdesk number to call: 1-866-718-5170.
From the MyMCC portal, students can access helpful technology information by clicking on Technology Helpdesk from the drop down menu under student services.

Student Portal Screen Shot of Technology Helpdesk page

Student Portal Screen Shot of Technology Helpdesk page