MCC Logos/Graphic Standards

Our graphic identity — logo, colors, typefaces and design elements — represents Muskegon Community College and serves as a cornerstone for all of our communication efforts.

When applied consistently and clearly, it connects audiences with MCC. Consistent use of MCC’s official logos strengthens our brand by creating greater recognition and helps avoid conflicting or confusing messages. When all areas of MCC align with the established logo, a sense of permanence, professionalism, and prestige is gained.

Identity standards are expected to be followed by all those who create or disseminate materials or messages in print or electronically that represent MCC’s image and brand. When creating print, electronic, or other form of communications, only approved logos may be used. MCC logos are not to be manipulated or altered in any way. No portions of the logo are to be used in conjunction with other graphics.

The MCC Office of Printing Services can create logo variations for a specific program, office, or department following an approved template. Call the Office at (231) 777-0547 for any questions regarding logo usage.

MCC Branding Guidelines

The following are the approved MCC logos:

MCC College Seal


MCC Jayhawks Logo



MCC Logotype (color)


MCC Logotype (black and white)


MCC Logotype with Department/Office Name


Contact the Office of Printing Services (231) 777-0547 for department logos.