Drop/Withdrawal Policy

You may drop courses during the refund period using WebAdvisor and no grades will be recorded on your transcript. For information on the refund policy, please visit the Refund Policy page.
You may withdraw from a course on WebAdvisor until the Friday prior to final exams for 15 week classes OR until the day before the last day if the class ends before final exam week. You are strongly encouraged to consult with your instructor and a counselor prior to processing a withdrawal.  If you have financial aid or scholarships, it is especially important for you to contact the Financial Aid Office prior to withdrawing.

You may withdraw from a course after the drop/refund period until the week prior to examinations. For early-ending courses, you may withdraw from a course after the refund period until one day prior to the end date of the course (prior to the final examination). Withdrawal from a course will generate a grade of “W” on your academic record and tuition/fees are not refunded.  A “W” grade is not figured in with your G.P.A.

Weeks of Classes
Drops Allowed
Withdrawals Allowed
15 Week Classes (Fall and Winter)
1st-10th day from start date of class
11th day- the 14th week.
12 Week Classes (Summer Only) 1st-6th day from start date of class 7th day-the 11th week
Early ending sections
Through the Refund Period
After the refund period until one day prior to the end date of the class.

If you stop attending a course and do not formally withdraw, the instructor has the option of initiating a grade of “W” or a grade of “E”.

Withdrawal from College
Withdrawal from college is defined as the student’s formal withdrawal from all courses currently in progress.
Military Withdrawal
Any currently enrolled student who is called for military duty shall be dropped from all uncompleted courses with a grade of “WM”-Withdrawal Military and will be granted a refund of all tuition and fees paid upon receipt of a copy of military orders, completed Tuition Refund Appeal Form to the Student Welcome Center and deliberations of the Petitions Committee.