Campus Safety and Security

Emergency Information Chart The Muskegon Community College Board of Trustees is committed to protecting the health, safety, and welfare of the College’s students, employees and visitors.

Read the MCC Campus Safety and Security Report

Click here to view MCC’s Annual Campus Safety and Security Report (revised October 2017)

To request a hard copy edition of the report, which contains the Clery Act information, contact Jason Cooper, Director of Compliance and Deputy Title IX Coordinator, at (231) 777-0690 or


When do I call security?
(231) 777-0545 or (231) 557-5648
  • Suspected drinking or drug use
  • Lost or stolen items
  • Smoking issues
  • Auto damage
  • Illegal parking
  • Excessively loud behavior (non-threatening)
  • Locked vehicles
  • Off hours access/locked rooms
  • Fuel spills, car fires, or smoking vehicles
  • Slips and falls
  • Suspicious behavior
When do I call 911?
  • Heated arguments/disruptive behavior
  • Threatening behavior
  • Someone down/not responding/medical emergency
  • Weapons visible or reported
  • When in doubt, call 911 first and follow with a call to security

If you wish to officially report an incident that involves a behavioral issue, improper conduct, threatening behavior or is a violation of the Student Code of Conduct, please submit the Student Conduct Reporting Form.

Behavioral Intervention Team
The MCC Behavioral Intervention Team’s (BIT) responsibility is to identify and coordinate services or intervention strategies for a broad range of troubling student behaviors, including but not limited to substance abuse, disruptive conduct and mental illness.  The use of behavioral intervention teams is a sound method for identifying and responding to distressed students in educational settings.  The BIT has been charged with upholding College policies and maintaining a healthy environment for the College. For more information on the BIT, click here.

MCC Campus Map – All Levels 

Safety/Evacuation Campus Maps
100-Level, Odd Side
100-Level, Even Side
Student Union/Collegiate Hall
200-Level, Even Side
200-Level, Odd Side
Rooms 400/401
300-Level, Even Side
300-Level, Odd Side
Stevenson 1100-1200
Stevenson 1300-Graphics
Art, Maintenance
Industrial Tech