Tutoring Center

Location: Room 204
Phone: (231) 777-0393

Just about everyone could use a little extra help with something, at least once in a while. Assistance is available for everything from “math anxiety” to help with course specific problems.

  • Peer Tutoring 
  • Walk-In Tutoring
  • Tutor-Led Small Groups
  • Online Tutoring
  • Extra Services
  • General Tutoring

Peer Tutoring
If assistance is needed in a specific course, you may apply to the Tutoring Center, located in Room 204. Student tutors recommended by instructors are available to any student on campus. The number of hours per week of free tutoring available to students varies with the number of credits being taken.  Tutoring is available for many MCC classes, but not for all classes.  We may not be able to schedule a tutor to meet every need. Students who wish to become tutors should contact an instructor for a written recommendation, and then report to the Tutoring Center.

Walk-in Tutoring
Walk-in Tutoring is a set schedule of times when a tutor will be available to assist with problems without an appointment necessary.  Check schedule for available times and subjects on the Portal.

Tutor-Led Small Groups
Tutor-led small groups are when a tutor helps a group of students through topics within a particular class.

Online Tutoring
The Tutoring Center offers online tutoring. Please contact us for more information.

Extra Services
The Tutoring Center also offers extra services, such as a place to study with available help, seminars, and much more.

CRLA Tutoring Certification LogoGeneral Tutoring
General Tutoring helps students on a walk-in or appointment basis with specific class questions, basic computer issues, using Blackboard, Web Assign, Applia and more.  Please check the General Tutoring Schedule for time and subject availability on the Portal.  Also, please remember tutoring is available in many subjects, even if it is not listed on the General Tutoring Schedule.

Tutoring Center Staff

Dean Fritzemeier Dean Fritzemeier
(231) 777-0393