Academic Affairs

The Academic Affairs Office directs all aspects of the credit programs at the College, in addition to the non-credit training opportunities offered through the Lakeshore Business and Industrial Service Center.  Our focus is on providing the very best service possible to both new and current students. We offer distinct programs of study designed to satisfy student goals and lead to student success.

The Purposes of General Education
Associate in Science and Arts Degree
Associate in Applied Science Degree

Office of Academic Affairs

Kelley Conrad Dr. Kelley Conrad
Provost and Chief Student Services Officer
Contact: (231) 777-0321
 Ed Breitenbach Dr. Edward Breitenbach
Dean of Instruction and Assessment
Contact: (231) 777-0526
 Dan Rinsema-Sybenga Dan Rinsema-Sybenga
Dean of Academic Affairs
Contact: (231) 777-0569
 Cheryl Flannery Cheryl Flannery
Director of Academic Operations
Contact: (231) 777-0308
  Stephanie Briggs
Associate Dean of Workforce and Talent Development
Contact: (231) 777-0456
 Chris Patterson Chris E. Patterson, MSN, RN, CNE
Director of Nursing and Health Programs
Contact: (231) 777-0688
 Jared Olson Jared Olson
Workforce Training and Internship Coordinator
Contact: (231) 777-0300
 Lori Haggerty Lori Haggerty
Administrative Assistant
Contact: (231) 777-0254