Exhibition examines how social constructs shape our identities

"Of Color, Blood" by Ina Kaur

The Muskegon Community College Arts and Humanities Department is set to present its latest exhibition “Self as the Other,” as the Overbrook Gallery welcomes a collection of artist Ina Kaur works March 18—April 26.The cost is free, and the exhibition is open to the public.  

Gallery patrons will have the chance to meet Kaur as well at a free public Reception, Gallery Talk, and Artist Performance at MCC’s Overbrook Gallery on March 19, from 4-5pm.  

“The exhibit delves into the concept that our identities aren’t solely internal constructs; they’re profoundly influenced by external factors and our interactions with others,” Kaur told MCC. “By showcasing pieces like “Blueprint,” “Of Color, Blood,” “Wild Wallflowers,” “Drifting Mass,” “Misread”, and “Unended,” the exhibit fosters empathy and understanding towards diverse perspectives. It emphasizes that our identities are interconnected with the social world, challenging the idea of a fixed self and prompting reflection on the intricate interplay between individual, societal, and political elements, alongside our shared humanity, in shaping who we are.” 

The Overbrook Art Gallery is open Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., and admission is free to the public. 

 For further information about Ina Kaur: “Self as the Other,” or the Overbrook Gallery, please contact Erin Hoffman at 231-777-0324 or email her at hoffmane@muskegoncc.edu.