MCC celebrates community college month with unprecedented financial support

MCC 2016 Nursing Graduates Quinton Davis and Kelsey DeBoer

MCC 2016 Nursing Graduates Quinton Davis and Kelsey DeBoer

In celebration of Community College Month, Muskegon Community College (MCC) is reminding those considering a return to the classroom that there has never been a more affordable time to do so. Whether adults are seeking a higher education degree, technical skills certificate, career change, or boost in employment, MCC offers several ways to eliminate financial barriers including: 

  • Free Tuition through the Muskegon Area Promise: The Muskegon Area Promise has recently expanded its scholarship eligibility criteria, allowing more students to benefit from the transformative power of tuition-free college education. 
  • Michigan Reconnect: The Michigan Reconnect grant, that initially benefited adults 25 and older, was temporarily expanded to individuals aged 21 to 24. This expansion broadened eligibility for up to 350,000 more individuals in Michigan. Michigan Reconnect covers up to the ‘in-district’ tuition, mandatory fees, and contact hours. 
  • Customized Training and Workforce Development: Employer/Agency Sponsors have been established to assist employers in sending their employees to MCC for education or training. This streamlines the enrollment process and billing of educational expenses for employers or agencies. 
  • Dramatically Lower Tuition Rates: MCC offers significantly lower tuition rates compared to four-year institutions. Graduates not only incur substantially less college debt, but also can enter the workforce after two years with the choice of over 80 certificates and degrees, earning relatively high wages. 
  • Credit for Prior Learning: Students may be granted college credit towards an academic program at MCC for industry recognized credentials, transferred credits, or even life experience.  

“Whether you’ve just graduated high school, previously dropped out of college, or are seeking better job opportunities, there has never been a better time to invest in your future,” said MCC President John Selmon. 

While Community College Month (established by Governor Gretchen Whitmer in 2023) concludes on April 30th, MCC will continue the celebration with commencement ceremonies on May 1, marking a return to pre-pandemic commencement participation rates with 300 students set to participate. A total of 600 students have recently completed an MCC degree or certificate.