Counseling and Advising Center

MCC Counseling and Advising Center OfficeOffice: Main Building Room 101
Phone: (231) 777-0362


  • Schedule in advance and specify the counselor you want to see.
  • Allow more time with a counselor, normally a half hour.
  • Appointments for students who are on Financial Aid Warning status are normally one hour.
  • Day and evening appointments are available.

Walk-In Services/Hours:

  • Time with a counselor is limited to fifteen minutes or less and you see the counselor who is on walk-in duty.
  • For urgent concerns and when appointments cannot be made.
  • You may leave with a list of classes needed – not the specific times and days of those classes.

Monday – Tuesday      10:00 am – 06:00 pm

Wednesday – Friday    10:00 am – 04:00 pm (Friday times may change during Summer)

Online Advising
Online advising is available for quick questions and requires submission of the online advisement form.

Counseling and Advising Staff Members:

Larry Visconti Larry Visconti
(231) 777-0356
 Pauline Keith Pauline Keith
Office Manager
(231) 777-0362
Sylvia Hayes Sylvia Hayes
(231) 777-0396
Tonia Lans Tonia Lans
(231) 777-0391
Renica Minott Renica Minott
(231) 777-0621
Seth York Seth York
(231) 777-0296