Overbrook Art Gallery

The Overbrook Art Gallery welcomes you to visit our gallery exhibition:

Stamps of Hope Syrian Refugee Art

The Stamps of Hope traveling exhibit showcases artwork by Syrian refugees living at the Zaa’tari refugee camp in Jordan. The work is on exhibit in the Overbrook gallery from October 2nd-November 1st  

The paintings and drawings capture the hopes and dreams of those displaced by the Syrian war that began in 2011. Some of the artists used pieces of canvas cut from tent fabric for their work, while others used materials such as newspapers and cardboard.

Rihab Sawah, assistant professor at Lincoln Land Community College and organizer of the exhibition, will be giving a lecture on campus October 25th in Room 1300 from 6-7pm.

Other than hope, the artists want to send a message of peace through their artwork, Sawah said. “They have a vision of a future that would include new hopes and dreams for their children.”

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