Overbrook Theater

The Center for Theater

The Center, which operates within the Arts and Humanities Department, provides theater classes for MCC students as well as a diversified schedule of performances. These include a season of plays produced by the College, an annual concert by the Overbrook Dance Theater, and touring productions of various kinds.

MCC Presents “The Diviners” on Feb. 21-25 in Overbrook Theater

The DivinersMuskegon Community College’s Center for Theater presents Jim Leonard Jr.’s award-winning play “The Diviners,” a story of the unlikely friendship between a disenchanted preacher and a mentally challenged young man, on Wednesday-Sunday, Feb. 21-25, in Overbrook Theater.

Performances take place at 7:30 p.m. on Feb. 21-24 and at 3 p.m. on Feb. 25. Tickets go on sale Monday, Feb. 19 in the Overbrook Theater Box Office. Tickets are $10 for public and $5 for MCC students, staff, and faculty. Tickets may be reserved by calling (231) 777-0324.

Winner of the American College Theatre Festival, “The Diviners” is a tragic drama that focuses on the struggles of a small town during the Great Depression and its search for purpose, meaning, and water.

Joshua Powles (Buddy Layman), Sylvia DeBruyn (Jennie Mae Layman), and Brandon Lemieux (C.C. Showers) in MCC's 2018 production of The Diviners

Joshua Powles (Buddy Layman), Sylvia DeBruyn (Jennie Mae Layman), and Brandon Lemieux (C.C. Showers) in MCC’s 2018 production of The Diviners

Teenager Buddy has been traumatized by water; he fears it and yet can sense when it is nearby. Newcomer CC Showers finds Buddy after giving up a life of preaching to seek a fresh start. Can water give life to the town of Zion, Indiana? Or will it dry up like the empty, pastor-less church by the river? As the good townsfolk search for guidance of their own, preacher CC Showers is able to find his own blessing and redemption in the vulnerability and trust of Buddy Layman. Buddy’s sister, Jennie Mae, also finds courage during her coming-of-age as she watches their connection unfold.

“’The Diviners’ is a beautiful story about relationships, faith, and love – all heartwarming things that anyone can relate to,” said MCC Theater Instructor Sheila Kulp Wahamaki, who is directing the play. “It’s wonderful to work on a piece of theatre with my students that has such depth. The way the town sees Buddy as their blessing and the nurturing way CC cares for the boy, captures a sense of community and togetherness that is unique.”

The acting ensemble is comprised of MCC students Joshua Powles, Brandon Lemieux, Sylvia DeBruyn, Brody Yarian, Ashley Poling, Rina McClain, Lexi Andersen, Cole Halterman, Madisen Schuppe, Isaac Hunter, and Leonard E. Poole.

Assisting in the play are MCC Student Director Robin Carpenter, Set and Sound Designer Tom Harryman, Lighting Designer Jim Allen, Costume Designer Susan Eyler, Make-Up Designer MCC student Molly Veenstra and Hair Designer Bill Abbott.

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For more information or tickets, call (231) 777-0324