Amber Kumpf

Math & Physical Science
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My Background

  • Hometown: Burton, MI
  • High School: Bentley High School, Burton, MI
  • Professional Experience: Seagoing research scientist aboard JOIDES Resolution, Expeditions 324 & 305 Visiting scientist, Australian National University, Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory Lecturer - University of Rhode Island, Salem State College, Norwich University
  • Academic Degrees: BS in Applied Geophysics, Michigan Technological University, MS in Oceanography - Marine Geology & Geophysics, University of Rhode Island,
  • Classes Taught: Physical Geology, Historical Geology, Oceanography

More About Me

  • I have an infant son, retired-army Sgt husband, and Jack Russell-Pug mix dog who are the loves of my life.
  • In one 15-year period of my life, I moved 14 times and had 31 different roommates, from 7 different countries and 7 different states.
  • I have been to scientific meetings, conferences and workshops in California, Hawaii, the Azores, Northern Ireland, Canada, Japan, Australia, and Ukraine.
  • For relaxation, I enjoy spending time with my family and reading books.
  • My favorite authors/series are Patrick O’Brien/Aubrey-Maturin, Bernard Cornwell/Saxon Stories, Dean Koontz/Odd Thomas, Jean M Auel/Earth’s Children, and other various detective and historical fiction novels.
  • My advice to new college students trying to find their path: all careers are hard work, find something you like doing enough that it makes the hard work worth the effort.