Evin Rodkey, Ph.D.

Social Sciences
Photo of Evin Rodkey, Ph.D.

My Background

  • Professional Experience: Evin came to MCC in 2018 after three years at Casper College in central Wyoming, which followed earning a Ph.D. in Anthropology from the University of Illinois at Chicago and teaching widely as an adjunct instructor at a variety of institutions in Chicago. For his dissertation work Evin conducted research in the Dominican Republic with people deported there from the U.S., examining their survival strategies and transnational connections with the U.S. economy. Evin got his start in anthropology after a number of travel experiences and living in Madison, Wisconsin, where he worked as a coordinator of services for adults with developmental disabilities and first took classes in the subject part-time. This was a few years after earning a B.A. in Psychology from Indiana University, in the state where he was born, living in Los Angeles where he worked as an Assistant Director in an educational center for children, and living temporarily in Seoul, South Korea working as an English teacher. Evin is a former President of the Society for Anthropology in Community Colleges, has published on his research, presented publicly on a wide variety of topics, and has led student trips both in the U.S. and to Belize. What he values most about his job is working directly with students in areas of examining cultural perspective and humanity’s place in nature, engaging with material intellectually yet practically, and helping students with skills in writing and clear and accurate expression.
  • Academic Degrees: Ph.D. Anthropology, University of Illinois at Chicago, M.A. Anthropology, University of Illinois at Chicago, B.A. Psychology, Indiana University
  • Classes Taught: ANTH 103 – Cultural Diversity in Contemporary Society, ANTH 105D – Introduction to Physical Anthropology/Archaeology, ANTH 110 – Introduction to Cultural Anthropology