George Maniates

Faculty-Department Chair
Social Sciences
Photo of George Maniates

My Background

  • Hometown: Chicago, IL
  • Professional Experience: 28 years of Higher Education administrative experience at six different colleges and universities. I have been a Dean of Students, a Dean of Enrollment Management and an Associate Vice President of Student Service. This is my 13th year of teaching history
  • Academic Degrees: Bachelors of Art- University of Wisconsin-Madison in History and Political Science, MA- DePaul University in History, ABD- Colorado State University in Community College Leadership
  • Classes Taught: HIST 101- Western Civilization to 1500, HIST 102- Western Civilization from 1500 to Present, HIST 150- World History to 1500 CE, HIST 151- World History from 1500 CE, HIST 202- United States from Reconstruction to present, HIST 212B- Gettysburg Battlefields, HIST 214- Siege of Vicksburg, HIST 216- Intro to World War II

More About Me

  • I love to ride a Rans recumbent bicycle
  • I volunteer at the USS SIlversides Submarine Museum
  • Both Professor Troutman and I do a series of “experiential learning” courses- See HIST 212A, HIST 214 and HIST 216
  • I ran for State Assembly in Wisconsin in 1980 as a 30 year old.