Nicholas Budimir

Social Sciences
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My Background

  • Hometown: Dearborn, Michigan
  • Professional Experience: In addition to teaching at Muskegon Community College, professor Budimir has taught sociology at Ferris State University and Western Michigan University while working on his graduate degree. As an active leader in the Michigan Sociological Association since 2006, Budimir organizes conferences, speakers and panels. Professor Budimir's specialties in sociology include economic sociology, the intersection of class, race, and gender, the sociology of education, and the sociology of labor.
  • Academic Degrees: A.B.D Sociology PhD- Western Michigan University, M.A. Industrial Relations- Wayne State University, B.A. History and Anthropology- University of Michigan
  • Classes Taught: Professor Budimir teaches a wide range of classes at MCC: SOC-101: Principles of Sociology; SOC-102A: Race Ethnicity and Immigration; SOC-202A: Modern Social Problems; SOC-205: Marriage and the Family; HIST/PSCI-220: Labor Studies, ,

More About Me

  • Languages pursued: Russian, Serbo-Croatian, and French
  • Favorite thinkers: Karl Marx, Leon Trotsky, Pierre Bourdieu, and Slavoj Zizek
  • I love teaching at Muskegon Community College because the small class sizes allow students and instructors to talk.
  • I became interested in the topics of capitalism, injustice, and exploitation initially from my family members who immigrated to the United States from the Balkans. They were in search of work and fleeing from ethnic persecution. They brought with them a deep love and respect for history, a suspicion of the powerful, esteem for intellect and a yearning for justice. Maybe a little of that Eastern European radicalism rubbed off!?