Office of Human Resources

The Office of Human Resources administers recruitment and selection of full-time faculty, clerical and custodial and maintenance staff, employee relations, staff development and training; employee benefits, and employee leaves of absences.

Human Resources takes a strategic leadership role to provide services to our faculty/staff in support of our overall mission, vision, and values. This is done while advocating for our people-our most valuable resource. We provide support to our faculty/staff so they may focus their time and attention to the success of our students. We also provide the following services while balancing the needs of the organization and our team:

  • Talent Selection – hiring and promoting the best person for a role, while recognizing and fostering the value of diversity in our organization and community.
  • Benefits and Compensation Resources/Support –providing a competitive salary and benefits package to retain our talent in order to provide the best for our students and community.
  • Performance Planning/Employee relations/Grievance Solutions – encouraging a team work philosophy with open communication, a safe and healthy environment to promote long term growth and success of our people in support of our students and community while balancing work – and family- commitment, professionalism and our ability to have fun!
  • Professional Development/Degree plan Support – encourage training and development for compliance, personal and professional growth and career enhancement.
  • Policy Development/Interpretation – establishing, administering and effectively communicating sensible policies, rules and practices that treat our people respectfully and fairly while remaining compliant with relevant federal and state rules and regulations, institutional plans and association agreements.

The Human Resources Department staff includes:

Kristine Anderson
Executive Director of Human Resources
Kim Salinas
Assistant Director of Human Resources
Beda Dubois
Compensation and Benefits Manager
Navidad Cortez
Administrative Para Professional Human Resources
Annette Judd
Administrative Assistant
Melissa Linton
Payroll Clerk