International Travel and Study Opportunities

Muskegon Community College is one of many institutions in the nation to be recognized for its efforts to promote international learning. Take a look at our international programs and see how we can become your link to the world.

Foreign Exchange and Study Abroad Programs

Divers by Coral Reef in West Indies Coral reef

Biology/Geology 250: Tropical Coral Reef Ecology
Muskegon Community College’s Life Sciences Department and Math/Physical Science Department offering a three-credit course – Biology/Geology 250: Tropical Coral Reef Ecology on the Caribbean island of Nevis. Limited to eight students, the course offers students a chance to study the biology, geology, and ecology of the tropical coral reef ecosystems in the West Indies. Specifically, the course explores the local, regional, and global threats, including the world’s third global bleaching event, faced by the reefs. The MCC team will explore a coral reef ecosystem using monitoring methodologies developed by the Reef Check program. In addition, students will be introduced to the history and culture of the island. They will participate in a variety of hands-on field activities, including ecosystem mapping, biodiversity surveys, field identification labs, and medicinal plant applications. For more information, contact Darren Mattone at or Amber Kumpf at

Belize Field Studies    Belize

Belize Field Studies – ICS 101 BEL / BIOL 101 BEL
This is an interdisciplinary travel-study course providing students an introduction to international culture and biology through cultural and biological field studies. This hybrid course will contain online and on-campus components and includes a seven-day visit to Belize. Emphasis will be placed on Mayan culture and the tropical rain forests of Belize. The student will study Mayan culture and history as well as Mayan past and current interaction with the rain forest ecosystem. (Every year December –January). For more information, visit or Contact Shawn Macauley, Life Science Instructor at and 231-777-0272,  or Evin Rodkey, Social Sciences, at (231) 777-0693 and

Germanypx1  German Exchange Program
German Exchange ICS 101 GER International Business and Culture
Each May students and faculty from MCC participate in an exchange program with the technical college, Kaufmännische Schule Stuttgart Nord, in Stuttgart, Germany. The German Exchange Program has been building lasting friendships and offering insight into our different cultures and business practices for over 18 years. The exchange includes visits to cultural and historical sites as well as local businesses such as Daimler, Porsche, and Ritter Sport. Each participant is hosted by a German student or faculty member of the KSN. For more information, contact Jennifer Jones, Social Sciences Department chair, at (231) 777-0397 or by email at

Campus Events

International Education Week
A joint initiative of the U.S. Department of State and the U.S. Department of Education, International Education Week is a part of our efforts at MCC to promote programs that prepare students for a global environment.  This week long event every November draws many MCC students and faculty. At the International Student Panel you can listen to our international students from countries around the word like Vietnam, Indonesia, Gambia, Bosnia, Poland and Costa Rica. MCC’s international students will be there again this year to exchange ideas. For more information, call (231) 777-0380.

Global Awareness Festival
The recipient of the “Best Practice” award from the American Council on International Intercultural Education, the MCC Annual Global Awareness Festival is held in early February every year on the MCC campus. The weeklong event includes international films, workshops, an international fair, speakers, and cultural food and entertainment.

Travelogues – Join various MCC faculty and others from the community as they present their exciting trips from exotic locations from around the world like Oxford England, Egypt, India, Singapore, Thailand, Russia, and more.

Culinary Cultural Excursion (CCE) – Many restaurants in this area are renowned for their international cuisine. Join us every month as we travel locally to find exquisite food.

For more information, call call (231) 777-0380.

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