Lecture Series

The MCC Lecture Series is dedicated to enriching the intellectual and cultural life of our community by bringing together renowned experts, scholars, and thought leaders to share their expertise and insights with the public. These engaging events are open to all, providing a platform for learning, discussion, and dialogue on a wide range of topics.

For more information on the MCC Lecture Series, please contact Dr. Andy Wible at (231) 777-0626 or andy.wible@muskegoncc.edu.

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“Daniel Seddiqui: author of 50 jobs in 50 States, Going the Extra Mile, and Piecing Together America”


Previous MCC Lecture Series Topics

      • “Pecha Kucha Night: Ten Speakers share their stories with 20 slides and 20 seconds for each slide” Click here To view The January 25th lecture 
      • “The War in Gaza: A Panel Discussion on the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict” – November 14, 2023
        David Takitaki: Instructor of Political Science at Ferris State University and MCC
        Dr. Conor Roddy, Instructor of Philosophy at MCC
        George Maniates, Instructor of History at MCC
        Andy Wible, Instructor of Philosophy at MCC, Moderator
        Click here to view the November 14 Lecture
      • “Breaking Barriers: Enhancing Reproductive Health Access for Urban Youth through Community-Engaged Research and Social Media” – September 13, 2023
        Dr. Jade Burns, assistant professor at the University of Michigan School of Nursing
        Click here to view the September 13 Lecture
      • “The role of inclusion in equitable climate adaptation planning: lessons from small American cities” – April 5, 2023
        Dr. Elena Lioubimtseva, professor of geography and sustainable planning, GVSU
      • “Chicken soup on the screen? Screen media’s relationship to health and well-being” –  March 23, 2023
        Dr. Allison Eden, assistant professor in the Department of Communication, Michigan State University
        Click here to view the March 23 Lecture
      • “MASS SHOOTINGS – A conversation about an American problem” – March 20, 2023
        Jessica Houser, Instructor of Psychology at MCC
        David Takitaki, Instructor of Political Science at Ferris State University and MCC
        Timothy Kozal, Director of Public Safety for the City of Muskegon
        Andy Wible, Instructor of Philosophy at MCC, Moderator
        Click here to view the March 20 Lecture
      • “The Fight for Reproductive Freedom in Michigan After the Fall of Roe” –
        September 14, 2022
        Bonsitu Kitaba, Deputy Legal Director ACLU of Michigan
        Click here to view the September 14 Lecture
        “The War in Ukraine” – March 30, 2022
        David Takitaki, adjunct instructor in social and behavioral studies at Ferris State University, Nicholas Budimir, MCC social sciences instructor, and moderator Andy Wible, MCC philosophy instructor
        Click here to view the March 30 Lecture
      • Idlewild: A Special Place for African Americans” – Feb. 17, 2022
        Morris Thomas, Professor Emeritus of Geography, Environment and Spatial Studies, Lansing Community College and Michigan State University
        Click here to view the February 17 lecture
      • “Understanding Human Trafficking in West Michigan and What You Can Do to Help” – Feb. 3, 2022
        Sara Johnson, Executive Director of The Hope Project and Co-Chair of the Lakeshore Human Trafficking Task Force; Elizabeth Gillette, Sexual Assault Response Team (SART) Coordinator at Every Woman’s Place in Muskegon; and Rachael McEnhill, Forensic Interviewer and Victim Advocate at the Child Abuse Council of Muskegon County
        Click here to view the Feb. 3 lecture NOTE: The video is missing the first 20 minutes of the lecture due to technical issues  experienced during the recording.
      • “Entertaining Propaganda? How State-run Media in China Reinvent Themselves on Digital Platforms” – November 10, 2021
        Sheng Zou, Ph.D., University of Michigan Post-Doctoral Fellow
        Click here to view the Nov. 10 lecture
      • “Mechanisms of Associative Learning in the Aging Brain” – Oct. 13, 2021
        John D. Disterhoft, Ph.D., the Ernest J. and Hattie H. Magerstadt Memorial Research Professor of Neuroscience at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine
        Click here to view the Oct. 13 lecture
      • “The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict” – Sept. 23, 2021
        Keith St. Clair, professor of political science at Grand Rapids Community College
        Click here to view the Sept. 23 lecture
      • “Using Anthropology to Understand COVID-19 and the Pandemic” – Feb. 18, 2021
        “Evin Rodkey, Ph.D., Anthropology Instructor at MCC.  Correction from the presenter: please note I accidentally call the virus the “19th version” instead of the “2019 version” (probably from looking at “19” on the screen when talking). Thank you, Evin Rodkey.
        Click here to view the Feb. 18 lecture
      • Submarines, Volcanoes, and the Search for Extraterrestrial Life” – Jan. 21, 2021 Dr. Shannon Kobs Nawotniak, associate professor at Idaho State University working in its Volcanology Research Lab, Geology Co-Lead on the NASA FINESSE project and Deputy Principal Investigator on the NASA BASALT project.
        Click here to view the Jan. 21 lecture
      • Charting How Wealth Shapes Educational Pathways from Childhood to Early Adulthood: A Developmental Process Model” – Oct. 29, 2020
        Matthew Diemer, Ph.D.,University of Michigan Professor of Education.
        Click here to view the Oct. 29 lecture
      • “Civility: Its Uses and Abuses in Public Discourse” – Oct. 1, 2020
        John Corvino, Dean of the Irvin D. Reid Honors College and Professor of Philosophy at Wayne State University.
        Click here to view the Oct. 1 lecture
      • Why STEM (Still) Lacks Diversity” – Jan. 30, 2020
        Dr. Michael Kilburn,director of Outreach and Education at the University of Notre Dame’s Joint Institute for Nuclear Astrophysics Center for the Evolution of Elements
      • “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot: Why Protests in Ferguson and Baltimore Matter and How They Changed America” – Oct. 30, 2019
        Dr. Jennifer Cobbina, an Associate Professor of Criminal Justice at Michigan State University, and author of Hands Up, Don’t Shoot
      • “Building Bridges Across Racial Divides” – Oct. 3, 2019
        Larry Feldman, M.D., and Sandy Feldman, M.S.W., educators and consultants, adjunct instructors at Lake Michigan College, practicing psychotherapists and authors of Building Bridges Across the Racial Divide.
      • “From Big Data to Big Wisdom” – April 11, 2019
        Dr. Andrew Targowski, Professor Emeritus of Business Information Systems at Western Michigan University, author and a pioneer of applied information systems in Poland
      • “Shadow Imagery in Cold War Culture” – Feb. 20, 2019
        Dr. Erik Mortenson, literary scholar, writer, translator, and writing center consultant at Lake Michigan College
      • “Why Not Lying is Not Enough” – Oct. 11, 2018
        Sherman Clark, the Kirkland & Ellis Professor of Law at the University of Michigan Law School
      • “Ethical Challenges to Advance Care Planning” – April 16, 2018
        Devan Stahl, an assistant professor in Michigan State University’s Center for Ethics and Humanities in the Life Sciences
      • “Punishing Disease: HIV and the criminalization of disease” – March 15, 2018
        Dr. Trevor Hoppe, assistant professor of sociology at SUNY Albany, and author of Punishing Disease: HIV and the criminalization of sickness
      • Names Writ in Water: Mythology, Symbolism, and the Natural World,” – Oct. 26, 2017 MCC English Instructor Michael Johnson
      • “Current and Emerging Water Resource Issues Facing the Planet” – Oct. 2, 2017
        Dr. Alan D. Steinman, the  Allen and Helen Hunting Director and Professor at Grand Valley State University’s Robert B. Annis Water Resources Institute in Muskegon
      • “Take on Hate: Silence is Not an Option” – Feb. 2, 2017
        Rashida Tlaib, the first Muslim woman elected to the Michigan Legislature and an adviser to the Campaign to TAKE ON HATE
      • “Indian Children in American History” – Nov. 17, 2016
        Matthew Fletcher
      • “Mindfulness: Practice and Benefits” – Oct. 5, 2016
        Dat Pham, PharmD, CDM
      • “Ancient Rome and Human Sacrifice – Jan. 28. 2016
        Dr. Celia Schultz,  University of Michigan faculty member and author/researcher on Roman religion and the history and literature of the Roman Republic
      • “The Importance of Myth: A Panel Discussion” – Oct. 29, 2015
        Andy Wible, Instructor of Philosophy at MCC; Michael Johnson, Instructor of English; Alfredo Hernandez, Instructor of World Religions; and Bill Utrecht, Pastor at First Evangelical Lutheran Church.