Community College Offers Free Screening and Discussion with Documentary Filmmaker

Warrior Lawyers

Warrior Lawyers: Defenders of Sacred Justice

The Muskegon Community College (MCC) Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion is hosting documentary producer Audrey Geyer for a free showing of “Warrior Lawyers: Defenders of Sacred Justice” on November 15.  The one-hour PBS documentary focuses on the stories of Michigan Native American lawyers and tribal judges who serve Native Americans.

Warrior Lawyers “provides an overview of the major historical, governmental, legal, judicial and intertwining social justice issues shaping many Federally Recognized Nations today,” according to the filmmaker’s website.  “Through the exploration of these overarching and foundational Native American issues, the documentary reveals how traditional Indigenous values and cultural practices can effectively be utilized to face contemporary tribal challenges… Viewers will come to understand how these social and systemic changes can lower the country’s staggering incarceration rates, decrease the disproportionately high imprisonment of minorities, help derail the school-to prison pipeline, lower the number of children placed in foster care and stem the tide of violence against women on and off the reservation.”

The 6pm screening will be followed by questions and community discussions with the filmmaker.  The event is at the Muskegon Community College main campus in room 1300 of MCC’s Stevenson Center for Higher Education.  The film’s intended audience is seventh grade to adult.  Additional information is available at or by contacting Dr. Vanthony McMullan at (231) 777-0363 or

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