Lakeshore Clinical Placement Consortium

Welcome! Please click on the appropriate links below to bring up the files you are looking for.

Please access the 2020 Consortium with this link (keep in mind that things will change once the hospitals merge): R13 Consortium 7.23.20

Click here for the 2019 Consortium: R21 2019 Consortium 10.10.19

Make sure your Excel windows are fully maximized in order to view the facility tabs along the bottom. Also if you click on the facility name under the facility heading on the main page, the links will take you to their actual page. Please submit new Request Form R 11.2015 for any additions or corrections.

Previous versions are available here:

(** PLEASE NOTE: When you first open the file, a box appears asking whether or not you want to update the links to another file….you can choose any of the options.)


Please follow the agreed upon procedure:

  1. School members need to check the Consortium calendars for available space; please do not ask for space that will cause an obvious conflict.
  2. Email all consortium members (including the appropriate agency liaison) with a request for change and request members declare conflicts (if any) within 72 hours/3 business days.
  3. If no conflicts after 3 business days, the requesting party should email the appropriate agency liaison with the proposed change. The agency liaison will check with unit managers and return the manager decision within 1 week.
  4. Once MCC receives the “okay” from the appropriate agency liaison and the official fax request form, the change will be made on the CPC grid and it will be reposted. Pam will email all consortium members when a change has been made to the LCPC calendar. The change will be added to the grid as soon as possible; however, please note the posting date {indicated by an “R”} on the front page of the Consortium prior to indicating that changes haven’t been made or refaxing requests. Duplicate requests make for much confusion. Thank you!