Board of Trustees

Meet the Board
MCC is governed by a seven-member board of trustees who are elected for six-year terms on an “at large” basis from throughout the district (Muskegon County).  The College’s chief executive is the President, appointed by the Board of Trustees.  The primary function of the Board is to oversee the education of people in our community.  The Board is responsible for establishing and implementing policy to maintain an excellent education for all students in a safe, secure learning environment.  These policies and procedures guide the President and staff in their daily duties.

Serving the institution as of January 2, 2024 are:

Diana Osborn

Diana Osborn,      Chair

Sean Mullally

Sean Mullally,          Vice Chair

Nancy Frye 2015

Nancy Frye,    Secretary

Kathy Moore,  Treasurer

Shon Cook,        Trustee

Donald Crandall, M.D.,

Donald Crandall, M.D. Trustee

Roy Portenga

Roy J. Portenga, Trustee

Diana Osborn, Chair (term expires 2028)
Phone: 231-773-4351

Sean Mullally, Vice Chair (term expires 2024)
Phone: 231-855-3440

Nancy Frye, Secretary  (term expires 2026)
Phone: 231-894-6058

Kathy Moore, Treasurer (term expires 2026)
Phone: 231-744-6048

Shon Cook, Trustee (term expires 2026)
Phone: 231-894-0909

Donald Crandall, M.D., Trustee (term expires 2024)
Phone: 231-780-2450

Roy J. Portenga, Trustee (term expires 2028)
Phone: 231-730-2716

Please direct any communication with the board members to Paula Halloran, Executive Assistant to the President at,

The MCC Board of Trustees. Left to right: Kathy Moore, Nancy Frye, Shon Cook, Sean Mullally, Roy J. Portenga, Diana Osborn and Dr. Donald Crandall.